Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daddy Here, Mama There (Poem)

now daddies here,
going to work making money to provide a normal lifestyle for me
he tells me constantly "do your work first, and play after"
he also encourages me, cause i wanna make music and be an actor
cause see it costs 28,000 dollars to go to the school i wanna attend
The Art Institute Of Vancouver,
but in his eyes he sees his flesh and blood making something of himself
so money isn't an object, as long as i pro-ject my ambition and complete my mission
I'm his only son and child, so i have to make him proud
i wanna have the kind of success and wealth but not in material things
i wanna be rich in family and virtues, not clothes and diamond rings
another thing pops told me was he'll never leave my side
and so far...he hasn't lied
but now mama's there
going to work making money, but to provide herself of her problems
see my mothers an alcoholic, but i still love my mother
cause at deep dark times when i was younger, there was no other besides my mother
it felt like i couldn't trust my friends, even though we were more like brothers
although it felt like i had to watch my back because of my brothers
because being an only child suddenly pushed into the world,
you try to believe others but trust is limited
and then a few months later, one brother diminished it
so now I'm just a cold hearted child acting tough to be a man
but once and awhile, I'd call my mother and ask her, was this your plan ?
was your plan, for me to be kept caged, kept held in a bubble all my life so i couldn't grow ?
and if i didn't follow your plan I'd find out what the world was about and not go with the flow ?
cause since i broke the lock on the cage, suddenly I'm constantly enraged
by everything, the politions, the police officers and teachers
cause to me they all say the same shit, just a bunch of fuckin' preachers...
but to conclude my rude poem about my mother
she always told me, she'd never leave my side
and so far...she has lied


  1. Very thought-provoking poem. Good job Charlie; I look forward to reading your work and thoughts!

  2. lol don't worry auntie, i have mountains of poems to post up, i just need a scanner and im all good lol